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31 Aug, 2020 16:34

Trump slams ‘Radical Left Mayors & Governors’ for allowing ‘crazy violence’ that has forced ‘Slow Joe’ Biden ‘out of basement’

Trump slams ‘Radical Left Mayors & Governors’ for allowing ‘crazy violence’ that has forced ‘Slow Joe’ Biden ‘out of basement’

US President Donald Trump excoriated the leaders of Democratic cities and states for allowing protests to degenerate into such violent riots that “even” his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, has had to condemn the bloodshed.

Trump called out Democrats for having “lost control of their ‘Movement’” in a tweet on Monday, pointing out that the rioters wreaking havoc in blue states and cities have done so much damage that even Biden has been forced to come out to condemn them in recent days.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this, but the Anarchists & Agitators got carried away and don’t listen anymore — even forced Slow Joe out of basement!” the president tweeted.

After a lengthy silence regarding the riots that have gripped multiple US cities, Biden came forward on Wednesday with a video statement condemning the “needless violence” that had taken over Kenosha following the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

Later, on Sunday, Biden put out a statement on his website specifically addressing “the deadly violence” witnessed the night before in Portland. 

While his statement did not overtly reference the presumed Trump supporter who was shot dead in the Oregon city on Saturday, he offered condolences to the man’s family and blamed Trump for the death, claiming the president was “continu[ing] to insist on fanning the flames of hate and division in our society.” Biden and the rest of the Democrats have repeatedly blamed Trump for inciting violence across the country. 

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Trump and his supporters, meanwhile, have repeatedly mocked the Democratic former vice president for “hiding in his basement” — as his campaign dramatically limits even remote media appearances from Biden’s basement “studio.” 

While Biden had previously declined to comment on the ongoing riots that have terrorized cities across America, he has also hesitated to climb on board the ‘defund the police’ initiatives praised by younger, more radical Democrats – much to their dismay. The candidate continues to face an “enthusiasm gap” as progressive Democrats find it difficult to see daylight between his platform and the views of centrist Republicans.

Despite Biden’s statement condemning the violence in Portland, which has seized the city for weeks, critics reminded the candidate that his campaign had boasted just months ago of contributing to an organization that bailed out rioters in Minneapolis following the police killing of George Floyd. 

While the Minneapolis riots began as peaceful protests, they soon spiraled out of control, leaving numerous businesses in ruins and several people injured.

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