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‘Indoctrination’: Republicans reveal plan to ‘teach American exceptionalism’ if Trump re-elected, critics slam idea’s bankruptcy

‘Indoctrination’: Republicans reveal plan to ‘teach American exceptionalism’ if Trump re-elected, critics slam idea’s bankruptcy
President Donald Trump’s second term agenda includes a list of 50 points covering a variety of topics, but the goal to “teach American exceptionalism” has his critics especially outraged.

In a bullet-point press release put out just before the Republican National Convention, where Trump will officially accept his party’s nomination, education is actually the least focused with only two goals, compared to the many that accompany other areas like “Drain the Swamp” and “End Our Reliance on China.”

The two points that will be the administration’s objectives for education are: “provide school choice to every child in America” and “teach American exceptionalism.”

While implementing school choice is a much more specific goal, the concept of “American exceptionalism” is the one setting fires on social media among the administration’s critics, with some calling it “Nazi propaganda” and others slamming it as anti-education.

The agenda, however, makes no further points beyond the general goals, so it’s unclear how “American exceptionalism” would be forced to be taught in schools or what it would even entail.

“So the party that screams about indoctrinating children in our public schools wants to teach American exceptionalism,” one Twitter user wrote in reaction.

“If we’re going to teach American Exceptionalism, let’s teach our kids about the time we put Japanese Americans in internment camps during WWII,” added another. 

Points that have gotten less attention in the agenda include bringing troops home and ceasing federal contracts for companies that outsource jobs to China. Mixed in, however, are much more general points, similar to teaching ‘American exceptionalism’, like “return to normal in 2021” and “hold China accountable for allowing the virus to spread around the world,” both in reference to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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