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20 Aug, 2020 09:55

WATCH: Florida lashed by multiple tornados, snapping trees in half and flipping vehicles

Florida has been lashed by a series of ferocious storms culminating in multiple tornados descending from the sky, terrifying beleaguered locals, uprooting trees and flipping cars in the process.

One waterspout touched down around lunch time, before transforming into a fully-fledged tornado at Golden Beach near Aventura on Wednesday. 

Eyewitness footage captured the moment the waterspout made landfall and gathered pace as it transformed into a fully-fledged tornado.

Mercifully, the tornado was classed as an EF0, the weakest possible tornado on the Enhanced Fujita scale, which made for some spectacular footage without posing a significant risk to residents or amateur film makers.

The tube of turbulence dissipated quickly and there were no injuries reported from Wednesday’s incident, though several trees were uprooted and the roofs of multiple homes were damaged by debris. 

Florida has taken quite a beating of late, with a powerful storm striking the city of DeLand and knocking over a truck, and leaving some 11,000 homes and businesses without power. 

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The Florida Highway Patrol shared footage from inside the cabin of the vehicle which shows the ferocity of the tempest which surrounded the truck, complete with lightning and bolts of electricity just seconds before a suspected mini tornado hit.

Thankfully, officers were on hand to take the driver to hospital and treatment for his "bumps and bruises."

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