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What could it mean? Twitter erupts with sarcastic suggestions after Trump refers to himself as ‘President T’

What could it mean? Twitter erupts with sarcastic suggestions after Trump refers to himself as ‘President T’
Donald Trump has sparked yet another Twitter drama after referring to himself as ‘President T’ in a post questioning the loyalty of a senator, prompting users to make sarcastic suggestions of what the ‘T’ could possibly stand for.

In the Monday tweet, Trump accused Republican Senator Ben Sasse of “going rogue” after he sharply criticized the president's executive orders aimed at providing coronavirus relief while bypassing Congress.

Trump dubbed Sasse a “RINO” – which stands for ‘Republican in name only’ – and said he exploited “President T’s” support to get himself elected.

Before long, ‘President T’ was trending across the Twitterverse as users entertained themselves by jokingly attempting to figure out what the ‘T’ might stand for.

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Some of Trump’s detractors went straight for the most predictable ones: Words like ‘Traitor’, ‘Tik Tok’ and ‘Thug’ were popular suggestions.

Other users decided to get a bit more creative, with one suggesting he could have meant a golf tee, while others offered that they would prefer a “President B,” referring to Trump’s election opponent, Democrat Joe Biden.

Some fantasized about TV personality Mr. T taking over as president.

A few also took issue with the president referring to himself in third person and with only an initial, suggesting he was trying to be a “cool kid” at school.

Trump’s supporters, on the other hand, did not seem to notice anything funny in his tweet – and were more inclined to share his frustration with Sasse and the lack of “loyalty” from some Republicans.

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