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20 Jul, 2020 22:07

Trump endorses wearing a MASK against Covid-19 after weeks of criticism, is immediately blasted for being too late

Trump endorses wearing a MASK against Covid-19 after weeks of criticism, is immediately blasted for being too late

After weeks of pundits criticizing the president for not promoting or wearing a mask to protect against the coronavirus pandemic, Donald Trump took to Twitter to endorse the act because “there is nobody more patriotic” than him.

“Many people say it is patriotic to wear a face mask when you can’t socially distance,” Trump tweeted on Monday along with a black and white photo of him wearing just such a mask. “There is nobody more patriotic than me, your favorite president.”

The president also took the opportunity to once again blame the worldwide pandemic on China. 

“We are United in our effort to defeat the Invisible China Virus,” he wrote.

Although mask mandates have become more and more common across the US, many conservatives have pushed back against the trend, questioning the practicality of masks and raising concerns about individual rights.

While Trump’s endorsement of wearing a mask has been something critics have sought for weeks now, his photo was still not enough to win over many, as he’s now being blasted for being too late with the endorsement and not creating a federal mask mandate.

“Note: He still doesn’t support a national mask mandate which other countries with less cases than the US have,” tweeted reporter Yamiche Alcindor, who has a history of clashing with the president and his administration.

Others predicted the inevitable storm of criticism from liberals in the media only minutes after Trump’s tweet.

“Washington Post tomorrow: ‘Why mask wearing is a symbol of racism,’” tweeted conservative news outlet, the Daily Caller.

On top of his critics on the left, the president has also now found himself the target of criticism from some anti-mask conservatives, like author Michelle Malkin, who found nothing humorous about the new tweet. 

“This is not patriotic,” she wrote in response to the photo.

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