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Viral video shows Rep. Maxine Waters rush to rescue black motorist pulled by police

Viral video shows Rep. Maxine Waters rush to rescue black motorist pulled by police
LA county police, who pulled a black motorist as part of a burglary investigation, unexpectedly found themselves subject to some high-profile oversight, after California Congresswoman Maxine Waters stopped her car and intervened.

Waters was filmed by a witness next to her SUV, with a police cruiser behind her vehicle. "They stopped a brother, so I stopped to see what they were doing," the 81-year-old lawmaker explained to people filming her.

The deputies told her that she may be issued with a ticket for parking in a wrong spot "but that's OK," Waters said. Her interlocutors agreed, with one cheerfully saying: "Gotta do what they gotta do."

The video was originally posted on Facebook by user Marva Brown, and has since been widely shared and copied on social media.

The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department said Waters pulled her vehicle over and began "yelling at the deputies" on Friday morning. The law enforcers were inspecting a car as part of a burglary investigation, the sheriff's department told the Daily Mail.

The Democrat representative refused to sign a citation for the possible violation and was released with a warning. The motorist pulled over by the police was released too.

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Waters is a vocal critic of US police. During her recent appearance at MSNBC, she offered fulsome support for the wave of protests against police brutality, downplaying the violence and looting that accompanied it as "minor" compared to the drive for reform initiated by the protesters.

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