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7 Jul, 2020 21:45

Florida man fired after angry outburst, yelling ‘I feel threatened’ when asked to wear mask in Costco (VIDEO)

Florida man fired after angry outburst, yelling ‘I feel threatened’ when asked to wear mask in Costco (VIDEO)

An insurance salesman from Florida was fired after a video of him losing his temper in a Costco store went viral. The man allegedly exploded after he was scolded by an “elderly woman” for not wearing a protective face mask.

The short video of the encounter, which occurred at Costco in Fort Myers, went viral on Tuesday after it was shared by film director Billy Corben. The clip was viewed nearly seven million times in less than a day.

Footage, believed to be shot about a week ago, shows a raging man wearing a ‘Running the World Since 1776’ shirt shouting at a person.

“I feel threatened! Back off!” the angry man screams. “Back the f**k off and put your f**king phone down!”

According to the video’s description, the man was reprimanded by an “elderly woman” for lack of a face mask. The remark enraged the man, and he lashed out at the unseen woman and a “man who defended her” – apparently the one behind the camera. Still, the short video does not actually show how the incident began.

The footage prompted wild speculation, with many claiming the “I feel threatened” part was actually a thinly-veiled threat to use a firearm and suggesting the man had a law enforcement background.

Some alleged the man had a concealed weapon on him, yet the video does not conclusively corroborate such claims.

The man was promptly identified as Dan Maples, an insurance salesman with Ted Todd Insurance, with pictures of him and his family shared online. The ‘justice’-seeking crowd then bombarded his employer with demands to take action against him – and some even called upon Costco to ban him for life from the chain’s stores.

Maples’ employer was quick to act, condemning the incident and telling the public that he was fired. “Thank you to everyone for their comments and messages raising awareness about a former employee at Ted Todd Insurance. Their behavior in the video is in direct conflict with our company values and their employment has been terminated,” the company said.

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