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‘We all miss Roger!’ Trump recalls late ‘friend’ Roger Ailes in attack on Fox, gets schooled on his death by the #Resistance

‘We all miss Roger!’ Trump recalls late ‘friend’ Roger Ailes in attack on Fox, gets schooled on his death by the #Resistance
In his latest salvo against Fox News, US President Donald Trump invoked the memory of the network’s late CEO, Roger Ailes, to say the outlet had declined, drawing astute critics armed with Google to remind him the man had died.

Trump took to his favorite social media venue on Tuesday to decry a Fox panel discussion featuring disgraced CNN contributor Donna Brazile, who was caught passing debate questions to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton during the 2016 race, as was revealed in a WikiLeaks publication the same year.

“She gets fired by CNN for giving Crooked Hillary the debate questions, and gets hired by Fox News. Where are you Roger Ailes?” the president said, citing another tweet critical of Brazile.

The post prompted a mad scramble among Trump’s critics to jump on the case, rushing to dig up the exact date of the CEO’s demise to throw it back in the president’s face – apparently taking his rhetorical musing on Ailes as a genuine question.

“Roger Ailes died three years ago,”noted one keen observer.

Trump soon shot back at the barrage of hard-hitting fact-checks, stating what may have been obvious to everybody else, that he is well aware his “friend” Ailes had passed, adding, “just look at what happened to Fox News.”

The clarification did little to appease the president’s detractors, however, with many insisting the original Ailes tweet could only be taken as proof of cognitive decline.

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