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24 Jun, 2020 17:16

Liberal white woman on crusade to ‘fix racism’ goes viral for berating black cops (VIDEOS)

Liberal white woman on crusade to ‘fix racism’ goes viral for berating black cops (VIDEOS)

A liberal white woman is being roasted on social media for attempting to explain away her harassment of black police officers as part of her crusade to “fix racism.”

The incident took place on Black Lives Matter Plaza in Washington DC on Tuesday, when the woman was among a group of protesters haranguing police officers, who were monitoring the demonstrations taking place in the shadow of the White House.

The woman could be heard asking a black police officer “when you take off your uniform are you afraid of police?” only to be met with stoic silence from the cop, who was one of several black cops who were present.

The woman’s tirade was interrupted by Henry Rodgers, a congressional correspondent with the Daily Caller news outlet, who asked her if it was problematic that she was white and was unloading on two black police officers.

“Just because I'm white and I haven't experienced racism myself doesn’t mean I can't fight for justice. They’re a part of the system. They’re a part of the problem,” the woman explained, in footage that Rodgers posted on Twitter. 

“Just because they’re black doesn’t mean they’re not a part of the problem. I’m allowed to say this to whoever,” she added.

Racism is a white person’s problem. Racism is my problem! I need to fix it! That’s why I'm here talking to all of them. Black, white, f**king brown, purple, I don’t give a s**t!

In another clip from the scene the woman could be seen ostentatiously sticking her camera phone in another police officer’s face and sarcastically telling the officer to “smile for Breonna Taylor.” 

The woman’s diatribe raised more than a few eyebrows on social media and Rodgers’s footage of the incident racked up more than two million views on Twitter. Many excoriated the woman’s actions and accused her of having a “patronizing attitude” and a “superiority complex”.

The incident prompted the parody liberal account Titania McGrath to quip: “In order to defeat white supremacy, it’s important to rebuke black people who won’t do what they’re told.”

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