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11 Jun, 2020 04:11

‘Domestic terrorists took over Seattle!’ Trump fumes over Democrats’ inability to maintain LAW & ORDER

‘Domestic terrorists took over Seattle!’ Trump fumes over Democrats’ inability to maintain LAW & ORDER

Seattle has been overrun by “domestic terrorists,” US President Donald Trump said, slamming “Radical Left Democrats” after a self-styled anarchist commune was set up around an abandoned police station in the city.

Calling for “LAW & ORDER” in his standard all-caps style on Wednesday night, Trump decried the situation in Seattle following days of heated protests over police brutality, blaming its Democratic leadership for losing control of the city.

Seattle police abandoned their East Precinct headquarters in the Capitol Hill neighborhood on Sunday, allowing activists to move in and set up an “autonomous zone” spanning several city blocks.

Their creation has been dubbed the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone,” or CHAZ, apparently fashioned as an anarchist commune of sorts.

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Trump has repeatedly taken aim at “Antifa” – short for “anti-fascist” – a loose faction of activists on the radical left who frequently employ violent street protest tactics, donning all black, covering their faces and often wielding improvised weapons against police, storefronts and counter-protesters.

The US president has vowed to designate the decentralized group as a “domestic terrorist” organization, and was likely referring to the same activists in Wednesday night’s tweet. 

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