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10 Jun, 2020 06:21

‘You’re about to lose your job!’ BLM protesters & leftists call for removal of Seattle mayor as they occupy city hall (VIDEOS)

‘You’re about to lose your job!’ BLM protesters & leftists call for removal of Seattle mayor as they occupy city hall (VIDEOS)

Hundreds of protesters have filled a city hall in Seattle, Washington as a local left-wing politician threatened to impeach the mayor amid the raging George Floyd protests.

Led by socialist councilwoman Kshama Sawant, the protesters first entered the lobby and then made their way onto the stairs. 

They held Black Lives Matter signs and called for the removal of Democratic Party Mayor Jenny Durkan, chanting “You’re about to lose your job!”

Earlier, anarchists and Antifa members occupied an abandoned police station and erected barricades around it.

Sawant threatened to “introduce articles of impeachment” if Durkan refuses to step down. Others were spotted with placards saying “Durkan must go” and “Tax Amazon.”

The protesters behaved peacefully, and there were no incidents inside the building.

However, demonstrators did clash with police over the weekend, with officers using blast-ball grenades, tear gas, and pepper spray to control the crowd.

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The ongoing nationwide protests were sparked by the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man who was killed in police custody in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Many of the marches and rallies against police brutality were peaceful. However, in several major cities they were followed by looting, rioting, and clashes with police, prompting the authorities to impose curfews and call in the National Guard.

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