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8 Jun, 2020 02:11

All is forgiven? ‘Racist’ Romney hailed by media & #Resistance, heckled by everyone else, for marching with BLM

All is forgiven? ‘Racist’ Romney hailed by media & #Resistance, heckled by everyone else, for marching with BLM

Republican Senator Mitt Romney has further distanced himself from the GOP by appearing at a Black Lives Matter protest – but while mainstream media celebrated the move, few on social media had forgotten his past transgressions.

The anti-Trump Utah congressman was spotted at a protest march in Washington DC on Sunday. Romney later tweeted a protest selfie with the caption “Black Lives Matter.

An aide to the senator told the Washington Post that Romney wasn’t intending to “publicize” his participation in the protest, having “spontaneously” joined the march after coming across a group of 1,000 to 1,500 evangelicals demonstrating near the Capitol. Romney told the outlet he was participating in the demonstration “to make sure that people understand that black lives matter.”

Also on rt.com PHONY liberal media turns Republican Romney into HERO for sticking it to Trump (just like it did McCain & Bush)

The failed 2012 presidential candidate has tweeted repeatedly in support of the protests that began on Memorial Day following the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, diverging from the Republican rank and file, who have largely backed President Donald Trump’s calls for “law and order” and support for the police.

However, many on social media saw Romney’s participation in the march as a transparent publicity stunt, noting the politician’s history of backing the same racist policies that created the circumstances of Floyd’s death.

Others assumed his participation was intended as a dig at Trump. Romney was notably the sole Republican in the Senate who voted to convict the president during his failed impeachment trial, a stunt that also earned him media plaudits and social media mockery.

Some merely rolled their eyes at the short memories of those currently embracing the newly-minted anti-racism campaigner.

But some – mostly in the #Resistance camp – took him at his word, eagerly anticipating the next step of the new “Woke Romney.” Would he back Democratic legislation? Support defunding the police? Or… merely endorse Joe Biden?

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