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6 Jun, 2020 00:42

Ilhan Omar takes heat after backing call to disband Minneapolis police & replace with ‘non-violent’ alternative

Ilhan Omar takes heat after backing call to disband Minneapolis police & replace with ‘non-violent’ alternative

Minnesota Democrat Ilhan Omar has joined a growing call to disband the Minneapolis police force, arguing it is “beyond reform” after the killing of George Floyd. Critics have pilloried the suggestion as dangerous and “asinine.”

The congresswoman took to Twitter on Friday to endorse an op-ed penned by a Minneapolis councilman, which urged the dissolution of the city’s police department and “start fresh” after years of failed efforts at reform. Such improvements are impossible under a “system that is rotten,” Omar said.

In the op-ed, Councilman Steve Fletcher suggested an alternative “city response” which “doesn’t resort quickly to pepper spray,” and can “resolve confusion over a $20 grocery transaction without drawing a weapon or pulling out handcuffs” – referring to Floyd, who was killed in police custody under suspicion of using a counterfeit bill.

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While the idea appears to be gaining some traction in the municipal government, with a number of city council members voicing approval, netizens were largely horrified at the proposal, insisting it would turn Minneapolis into a smoldering ruin and allow crime to run rampant.

Other critics agreed with the overall goal of reining in police, but said genuine reform has never been tried, arguing that serious efforts should be made before resorting to Fletcher’s more radical approach.

Some conservative detractors saw Omar’s support for the scheme as a boon to their own political fortunes, with one asking her to “please keep chanting this,” believing the position would wreck Omar’s chances in the next congressional race.

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