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4 Jun, 2020 07:48

Wolverine’s back in town: Man armed with FOUR-BLADED knife charges at BLM protesters in NY (VIDEOS)

Wolverine’s back in town: Man armed with FOUR-BLADED knife charges at BLM protesters in NY (VIDEOS)

An angry motorist was filmed confronting a group of Black Lives Matter protesters, as he threatened them with a massive four-blade contraption and apparently tried to run them over with his car.

Footage of the incident that took place in the New York borough of Queens went viral on Wednesday. 

It was not immediately clear what preceded the altercation, but the angry motorist in the video accused the group of throwing “s**t” at his car before making a sudden U-turn and speeding back towards them.

He then exited his vehicle, wielding a large four-blade contraption that would make even Wolverine jealous. The man wasted no time putting his man-made claws to use, charging at the protesters while shouting that they came to the “wrong neighborhood.”

After the showdown on the street, the man got back into his SUV and took to the sidewalk in an apparent attempt to mow down the protesters, who fled the scene in disarray, shrieking in panic. No one was injured during the brawl.

The incident drew mixed reactions online. Some sided with the protesters, insisting that they were peacefully standing their ground, while others praised the man for “protecting” his neighborhood – and his vehicle.

Many, instead, chose to focus on the impressive piece of cutlery the driver was armed with.

Police have launched a probe into the incident. The NYPD is reportedly seeking to take the man into custody. He is expected to face reckless endangerment charges. The protests against racism and police violence have been going on for over a week across the US, triggered by the death of a black man, George Floyd, at the hands of Minneapolis police. In many locations, the protests spiraled into full-blown riots with widespread looting, arson, and even shootouts between law enforcement and rioters.

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