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18 May, 2020 22:13

Resistance Twitter mob goes after CNN’s Chris Cillizza for COMPLIMENTING Trump (even though he didn’t)

Resistance Twitter mob goes after CNN’s Chris Cillizza for COMPLIMENTING Trump (even though he didn’t)

Illustrating how the #Resistance keeps the media in line, a Twitter rage mob went after CNN editor Chris Cillizza for daring to write an article explaining why President Donald Trump is liked by some Americans.

CNN’s editor-at-large committed the unforgivable sin on Monday by tweeting “Yes, he’s an unlikeable jerk. But he’s an unlikeable jerk that gets stuff done” as the description of his article about Trump.

In the article, Cillizza addresses the fact that Trump thanked actor James Woods for a “great compliment,” after Woods called him “a rough individual… vain, insensitive and raw,” to argue that liberals need to be aware that is how a lot of the president’s supporters view him. If anything, he was trying to be helpful to Democrats seeking to get Trump out of the White House by any means necessary.

That’s not how the online Resistance took it. Apparently believing the tweet reflected Cillizza’s own opinion, and not reading the article at all, they denounced the CNN editor as racist and demanded his firing. No, really.

Arguing that Trump has “destroyed every government department, has committed more crimes than people can count and has killed 90,000 Americans in less than 3 months,” activist and musician Ricky Davila called Cillizza “a grossly overpaid moron.”

Media Matters alum Eric Boehlert blamed Trump for a “modern-era Depression” and all the job losses from the pandemic, while also assuming Cillizza was complimenting the president.

Amy Siskind and ‘Brooklyn Dad Defiant’ demanded to know why Cillizza is still employed at CNN, or anywhere.

Black Lives Matter activist Bree Newsome, meanwhile, took it to the next level, claiming that Cillizza’s piece was “a perfect example of how Trumpism is purely about whiteness/racism & always has been.”

“Trump has NEVER gotten anything done [and] has ALWAYS been a mortal threat to the safety [and] security of the USA [and] its residents,” said Newsome, adding that it's all about racism.

While Cillizza has yet to respond to this virtual torches-and-pitchforks mob, if this is how worked up the Resistance gets over an out-of-context tweet, it’s a good thing they didn’t notice the previous one about the same story, where he said only, “How Donald Trump wins again, in 3 sentences.”

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