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8 May, 2020 14:57

Trump says ‘sick man’ Comey and ‘Sleepy Joe’ Biden tried to take him down, warns ‘it’s all coming out’

Trump says ‘sick man’ Comey and ‘Sleepy Joe’ Biden tried to take him down, warns ‘it’s all coming out’

A day after the Justice Department dropped charges against Gen. Michael Flynn, President Trump is accusing Joe Biden and a host of Obama administration officials of trying to sabotage his presidency, saying “it’s all coming out.”

The Justice Department on Thursday dropped its charges against former national security adviser Gen. Michael Flynn. One of the first Trump officials ensnared in the FBI’s ‘Russiagate’ probe, Flynn’s charges were nixed after it emerged that the FBI pushed him to lie in an interview, and kept their investigation open knowing that they had no evidence of wrongdoing.

In a phone interview on Friday morning’s ‘Fox & Friends,’ Trump claimed that the ‘Russiagate’ plot went right to the top of the Obama administration, with his 2020 rival, former vice president Joe Biden, implicated too.

“Sleepy Joe was involved in this also, very much,” Trump said. “And other people around President Obama were totally involved, and you’ll see more and more things come out, I think. I know how it works.”

Trump did not expound on how exactly Obama and Biden were involved in the ‘Russiagate’ plot. The involvement of their intelligence agency bosses, however, is well documented, and these spy chiefs did present the Obama administration with their case against Trump, which was presumably given their stamp of approval.

Former CIA director John Brennan was found last year to have included the bogus claims of the ‘Steele Dossier’ – which claimed, among other things, that Trump hired a pair of prostitutes to urinate on him in a Moscow hotel room in 2013 – in an assessment presented to Obama. When asked about this by Congress, Brennan lied.

Likewise, former director of national intelligence James Clapper – also named by Trump on Friday – commissioned this assessment, even though he admitted to the House Intelligence Committee that he “never saw any direct empirical evidence” that the Trump campaign was conspiring with Moscow to meddle with the 2016 election.

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But Trump reserved the bulk of his ammunition for former FBI director James Comey, who authored the FBI’s counterintelligence probe against his campaign, a probe that would eventually be taken over by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

“Comey’s a sick man,” Trump declared. “He’s just a stupid guy. He’s dumb as a rock, and he’s a sick guy. There’s something wrong with him.

“It’s all coming out, and I love to watch it.”

While Flynn’s de facto exoneration may have fired Trump up, it is still unclear what action – if any – the president plans to take against Comey and crew. For the moment, Trump will likely continue to fire off broadsides against these ‘Russiagate’ ringmasters, especially given that Friday also saw the release of the US’ worst jobs report since the Great Depression. 

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