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29 Apr, 2020 15:11

#Resistance & MAGA crew both lose it over independent US congressman's third-party presidential bid

#Resistance & MAGA crew both lose it over independent US congressman's third-party presidential bid

Liberals and conservatives have finally agreed on something about the 2020 US presidential election – neither want ex-Republican (and current independent) Michigan Congressman Justin Amash to run on the Libertarian ticket.

Amash announced on Tuesday night via Twitter that he was forming an "exploratory committee" to look into running for president under the Libertarian Party's banner. Posting a link to a campaign website that featured little beyond a "DONATE" button, the newly-minted candidate vowed to bring "practical approaches based in humility and trust of the people" to the table.

While the Michigan representative padded out his announcement with standard-issue platitudes about "a presidency that will restore respect for our Constitution and bring people together," it's unlikely he meant 'bring people together to bash Justin Amash.'

However, that was the apparent result on social media, as people from all areas of the political spectrum gasped in horror as one, terrified the intrusion of a third-party wild card would upset their candidate's chance at victory.

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Donald Trump supporters were appalled that Amash – who had voted to impeach the president mere months ago – would dare enter the race. "Congratulations to Justin Amash on his upcoming CNN contributor contract," snarked one user.

#Resistance commenters turned the groupthink up to 11, calling for Amash to be "shunned" until he set his mind right and backed Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden.

Others brought up their ideas of disqualifying views he held.

The horrified reactions weren't limited to social media, either. Former Republican congressman and erstwhile Trump challenger Joe Walsh took to the op-ed page of the Washington Post to wring his hands about how running against the president was unthinkable because it could "siphon enough votes from the Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, to hand the election to Trump."

Some pointed out that the sheer volume of freaking out about Amash's candidacy said more about Biden and Trump – and their parties – than it did about the 'interloper.'

"Half the country doesn't even vote. If your favorite candidate loses, it's because they're sh**ty all on their own," one user tweeted, calling on the pearl-clutchers to "let others vote their conscience."

Amash loudly left the Republican Party last Fourth of July, lamenting that American politics was "trapped in a partisan death spiral." But participants in that spiral apparently like it just fine, thank you, and aren't taking kindly to his dipping his toe in the 2020 pool.

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