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28 Mar, 2020 22:46

US coronavirus death toll leaps to over 2,000 as number of fatalities DOUBLES in 2 days

US coronavirus death toll leaps to over 2,000 as number of fatalities DOUBLES in 2 days

More than 2,000 people have succumbed to the deadly Covid-19 virus in the US, as the country became the global epicenter of the pandemic with over 120,000 confirmed cases, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

The death toll from the coronavirus outbreak in the US has passed the 2,000 milestone, with Johns Hopkins University, which tracks Covid-19 data in real time, reporting that at least 2,010 people had died from the flu-like disease in the US as of Saturday.

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The new data marks a two-fold increase in fatalities in just two days. As recently as Thursday, the US crossed the grim threshold of 1,000 cases.

The US, which has just recently overtaken China as the country with the highest number of coronavirus cases, is now reporting a total of 121,117 cases – it is the first and, so far, the only nation to register over one hundred thousand cases.

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As Covid-19 continues to ravage the US, with the infected spread across all 50 states and the District of Columbia, New York City has been hit the hardest. The nation's most populous city has emerged as the hotspot of the virus with the largest number of fatalities within US borders – 517.

With the situation in New York deteriorating by the hour, Governor Andrew Cuomo shelved the impending April presidential primary until June. US President Donald Trump, meanwhile, announced that he might impose a quarantine on New York, New Jersey and Connecticut in a bid to halt the spread of the disease – a proposal that has drawn a stark rebuke from Cuomo, who compared the potential federal quarantine to a “declaration of war” on the states.

The outbreak has sent the US stock market into a tailspin, prompting fears of an imminent economic recession, with businesses being paralyzed by coronavirus lockdowns and jobless claims skyrocketing to over three million.

The Trump administration has been racing against the clock to offset the economic impact of the pandemic, injecting $2.2 trillion into the failing economy with a coronavirus stimulus package, which envisions generous assistance for the unemployed and tax relief for companies and individuals.

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While the US leads the world in the number of confirmed cases, two-thirds of the 30,000 global fatalities occurred in Europe, where Italy alone accounts for more than 10,000 deaths.

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