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27 Mar, 2020 20:14

‘This is low, even for you’: Hillary Clinton uses record coronavirus deaths to bash Trump, gets virtual punches herself

‘This is low, even for you’: Hillary Clinton uses record coronavirus deaths to bash Trump, gets virtual punches herself

As the US recorded more cases of Covid-19 than any other country in the world, Hillary Clinton used the opportunity to crack jokes about President Trump. The failed presidential candidate was savaged online for her insensitivity.

As of Friday, the United States has recorded more than 94,000 cases of the Covid-19 coronavirus, passing out China and Italy. More than 1,400 Americans have died, hospitals are approaching capacity, and a record 3.3 million workers have filed for unemployment.

As the US passed this grim milestone, former secretary of state and 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton took the opportunity not to send Americans a message of hope or solidarity, but to mock President Trump.

“He did promise ‘America First,’” Clinton quipped on Twitter, referring to one of Trump’s campaign slogans.

Clinton was immediately set upon for her lowbrow shot. “Not the first time you’ve laughed as Americans died,” Conservative pundit Jack Posobiec replied, referring to the time Clinton – then secretary of state chuckled during congressional testimony, as Republicans grilled her on her actions while a US embassy in Benghazi, Libya, was attacked by jihadists. Four Americans died in the attack.

“This is some low bullsh*t...even for you,” comedian and author Tim Young tweeted. The hate flowed in on Twitter, with a mostly conservative group of commentators ripping Clinton apart for her “horrible,” “despicable” and “cruel” jibe.

Clinton is not the only commentator accusing Trump of mishandling the Covid-19 pandemic. However, speculating on how things might have been under a different administration is largely guesswork. That didn’t stop the Washington Post from publishing an op-ed earlier this week claiming “this wouldn’t have happened if Hillary had won.”

New York State – Clinton’s adopted home – is the hardest-hit in America by the Covid-19 outbreak. Still, for the presidential also-ran, and for some of her ilk in the media, a national crisis is seemingly still an opportunity to take cheap shots at Trump.

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