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4 Mar, 2020 06:14

Applause & groans after Biden adviser 'tackles' Super Tuesday protester (VIDEO)

Applause & groans after Biden adviser 'tackles' Super Tuesday protester (VIDEO)

A senior adviser to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has received accolades – as well as eye-rolls – after pouncing on a protester who charged the stage during a Super Tuesday rally.

Biden was reveling in his Super Tuesday performance when two protesters rushed onto the platform where he was speaking. The first demonstrator was swiftly removed by a man who appears to have been part of the former vice president's security detail. But a second protester managed to scramble onto the stage – prompting Symone Sanders to charge at the sign-wielding disrupter and grab her by the waist.

Video of the incident quickly went viral, with Biden fans fawning over Sanders' decision to forcefully intervene.

The 'tackle' (the demonstrator never actually hit the ground) spawned countless comparisons to football, with one video even dubbing the clip with sports commentary.

Commenting on the altercation, Sanders tweeted that she had "broke a nail" while dragging the protester off stage. Her amused supporters offered to pay for her to have a new manicure.

Her nail-breaking sports skills left others less than impressed, however. One snarky comment noted that Sanders came up behind the demonstrator "like Biden came up behind to give an award to the war criminal" – referring to when Biden infamously presented former president George W. Bush with the Liberty Medal.

Others joked that the incident likely caused Biden – who has a history of spouting bizarre non-sequiturs on the campaign trail – significant confusion.

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