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3 Mar, 2020 23:09

Plutocrat solidarity strikes again? Bette Midler goes ‘all-in’ for Bloomberg on Super Tuesday, gets roasted

Plutocrat solidarity strikes again? Bette Midler goes ‘all-in’ for Bloomberg on Super Tuesday, gets roasted

Actress and card-carrying #Resistance stalwart Bette Midler has announced she’s voting for billionaire Democratic candidate Mike Bloomberg - and was quickly skewered for putting class solidarity over America’s future.

The stridently anti-Trump actress dropped the bombshell via Twitter on Tuesday, as Democrats in 14 states were at the polls choosing their preferred candidate. 

Bloomberg, who entered the 2020 race late, has devoted the lion’s share of his considerable resources to the Super Tuesday states, carpet-bombing the electorate with over half a billion dollars’ worth of ads - and courting prominent Democratic figures. 

Defiantly inviting her followers to “rail at me all you want,” Midler insisted she “saw New York City go from being down on its knees to standing upright and proud after 9-11” and credited the former mayor - who took office several months after the largest terrorist attack ever to hit US soil - with that transformation. 

Her followers weren’t buying the starry-eyed hero-worship, however, accusing Midler of valuing her Hollywood liberal bubble over the well-being of the masses.

Several pointed out that there was almost no difference between Bloomberg and Trump aside from the letters next to their names - and even those have fluctuated over the years.

Others pointed out more specific ways in which she was ignoring Bloomberg’s foul legacy. Under his leadership, the New York Police Department’s controversial stop-and-frisk policy subjected upwards of half a million people at its peak - mostly black men - to humiliating streetside searches despite turning up a weapon just over one percent of the time. White people didn’t get off easy either, if they were poor - Bloomberg’s reign saw homelessness skyrocket 83 percent.

Several wondered if Midler was getting paid to support Bloomberg, especially after the candidate himself retweeted her endorsement with a personal thanks.

While some stepped in to plead the case for other candidates, they were ignored.

It's not clear what they expected from a wealthy Hollywood celebrity, however. Political convictions have become a trendy accessory, and while the #Resistance is in this year, what will be hot next year is anyone's guess. is in this year, what will be hot next year is anyone's guess.

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Bloomberg has spent more on advertising than all the other Democrats put together, and both Trump and the former mayor’s Democratic opponents have accused him of trying to buy the presidential race. During his last race for mayor of New York, he outspent his opponent 19 to 1 - and while he won the office, he lost the vote in more than one borough.

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