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Fans rage at Hallmark after ‘Unplanned’ actress claims film was cut from awards show

Fans rage at Hallmark after ‘Unplanned’ actress claims film was cut from awards show
Fans of the Abby Johnson biopic ‘Unplanned’ were aggravated when star Ashley Bratcher, who plays the main character in the movie, alleged that the Hallmark Drama Channel cut all references to the film out of the broadcast.

‘Unplanned’ is a Pure Flix feature that tells the true story of former Planned Parenthood staffer Abby Johnson, who became a pro-life advocate after she witnessed an abortion via sonogram, where she says she witnessed the baby struggle against the procedure.

“Outraged,” Bratcher wrote on Twitter. “Movieguide awards recently aired on @hallmarkdrama & @UnplannedMovie & I were nominated. We were the ONLY nominees who were not recognized. Hallmark has ERASED us from the show and refused to acknowledge us as nominees. This is completely UNACCEPTABLE.”

The film was nominated in three categories at the Movieguide Awards, an annual event that awards movies based on Christian and family-friendly entertainment.

One Twitter user asked the actress if she and the film were “nominated and a part of the awards, but when it was aired, you were cut.”

Bratcher replied, “Yes. That’s exactly what happened. If you watch the televised show it’s like we don’t exist despite our 3 nominations and time on stage.”

As her tweet went viral, fans expressed both their support for the movie and outrage over the alleged omission.

“Hallmark you are losing your viewers day by day,” one wrote. “Not to accept nominations that were done, it's a shame and an outrage to all of us who think that Unplanned is a movie on a very important issue of our time. And the main character deserves to be recognized as any other nominee.”

“It's almost like there's a political agenda involved…” one Twitter follower replied.

Another agreed, “Done with Hallmark!!! You are still winners to us!!!”

One fan posted a link to Hallmark Drama's tweet announcing the Movieguide Awards, encouraging fans to “ask why the blackout?”

Neither Hallmark or Movieguide has issued a comment on Bratcher's accusations.

Hallmark has positioned itself as a channel that promotes films and television shows focused on family-friendly content, garnering a large conservative following. However, the network came under fire after they agreed to run a Zola bridal registry ad featuring a same-sex kiss. At first, Hallmark agreed to pull the ad, but reinstated it, prompting a boycott. They were criticized again for refusing to air ads regarding ‘Unplanned’ during its theatrical run.

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