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25 Feb, 2020 22:45

Lee Camp roasts CNN over ‘shilling for Bloomberg’ after it extols veteran journalist endorsing the billionaire

Lee Camp roasts CNN over ‘shilling for Bloomberg’ after it extols veteran journalist endorsing the billionaire

By campaigning for billionaire Mike Bloomberg, veteran ABC newsman Sam Donaldson is just doing openly what mainstream US journalists try to hide, American comedian Lee Camp, host of RT’s Redacted Tonight, pointed out.

Donaldson, 85, recently appeared on Chris Cuomo’s CNN show, to announce he is endorsing the former New York mayor and billionaire media mogul in the “most important election since the Civil War,” claiming that nothing less than Americans’ constitutional freedoms are at stake.

Camp tore into this reasoning on the latest installment of his ‘Moment of Clarity’ video blog, pointing out that “Bloomberg is like the mascot of destroying constitutional rights,” having literally overseen the widespread violation of them as mayor with his ‘stop and frisk’ policy.

The program involved “throwing people of color up against walls for doing nothing,” and less than one percent of the stops resulted in any kind of serious charges, Camp noted, adding that Bloomberg was also taken to court over the NYPD’s illegal surveillance of Muslims.

There is no such thing on this planet as a billionaire who created his empire “legally and ethically,” argued Camp, bringing up the fact that Bloomberg has routinely donated to outlets to squelch bad press – and is obviously doing so now.

“Our news channels have political opinions. They just like to pretend to be unbiased,” said Camp, adding that Donaldson is just doing blatantly what Cuomo and his colleagues choose to hide, even as they all manufacture consent for the corporate establishment.

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