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17 Feb, 2020 23:00

No, YOU are Trump’s buddy! Bernie and Bloomberg go at each other

No, YOU are Trump’s buddy! Bernie and Bloomberg go at each other

Billionaire Mike Bloomberg is going after socialist senator Bernie Sanders, accusing him of being in league with President Donald Trump after a video emerged of the former New York mayor talking disparagingly about farmers.

“Bernie’s New Bro… Donald Trump,” the Bloomberg campaign blared on Monday, accusing the Sanders campaign of using “the very same attacks and tactics” in the Democrat primaries as the Republican president.

“Mike is in this race to defeat Donald Trump, and he’s the Democratic candidate who can get that done. This campaign will not sit idly by and allow these false attacks to stand without response,” said Bloomberg’s campaign manager Kevin Sheekey.

Sanders responded by posting a photo of Bloomberg and Trump enjoying a game of golf together.

“Mr. Bloomberg, like anybody else, has a right to run for president. He does not have a right to buy the presidency,” he tweeted earlier.

A Sanders fan quickly added a collection of photos showing Bloomberg in the company of Trump, as well as Ghislaine Maxwell – the closest associate of the late pedophile financier Jeffrey Epstein.

Briahna Joy Gray, the Sanders campaign press secretary named in the Bloomberg statement, said it was “weird” of them to “advertise the 100% accurate tweets calling out Bloomberg for his bigotry.”

Self-described “centrist” Democrats replied with memes accusing “Bernie Bros” of being “more toxic and hateful than Trump supporters.” 

Sanders, an independent senator from Vermont who caucuses with the Democrats, mounted a strong populist campaign in 2016 – only to see the party establishment throw its weight behind Hillary Clinton. “Bernie Bro” is a term Clinton used to bash Sanders supporters back then.

As Sanders’s 2020 campaign made a strong showing in both Iowa and New Hampshire, Bloomberg emerged as the “dark horse” of the DNC. The billionaire media magnate has yet to appear on any of the Democrat primary ballots, but has been spending lavishly to saturate the airwaves and internet with ads.

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