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28 Jan, 2020 22:09

Critics try to #cancel singer Dua Lipa for throwing money at female strippers, fans hit back

Critics try to #cancel singer Dua Lipa for throwing money at female strippers, fans hit back

Video of Dua Lipa throwing dollar bills at female strippers has sparked intense debate online about feminism and the British singer, with critics getting a hashtag trending calling for her to be “canceled.”

The 24-year-old singer, best known for hit songs like ‘Don’t Look Now’ and ‘New Rules’, was attending a post-Grammy party hosted at a strip club by musician Lizzo, according to Page Six.

Despite other major artists like Lil Nas X and Rosalia being in attendance, all eyes were on Lipa due to a viral video showing her throwing dollar bills at female strippers

“What a good example dua lipa, lizzo, rosalia sexualizing women but well afterwards they say they are feminists,” wrote the original poster of the video, according to a translation.

As Lipa was the main focus of the video, critics immediately called for her to be “canceled” and the hashtag #duelipaisoverparty began trending. 

Despite the hashtag and the accusation of being a fake feminist, Lipa fans rushed to her defense and pointed out the hypocrisy of criticizing a female musician for being at a strip club while giving males a free pass.

“Wait so Women aren't allowed to go to strip clubs now? Istg y'all don't even know how toxic this cancel culture is getting. Y'all got nerve to cancel Dua Lipa for going to a strip club mean while there are men in the same industry that do this on a daily basis,”tweeted one user who received nearly 5000 likes.

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