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23 Dec, 2019 19:25

‘I've got a lot of problems with you people’: Rand Paul unloads on Washington in Festivus Twitter tirade

Government waste, neocon warmongers, and the ongoing impeachment circus: Senator Rand Paul is mad about a lot of things, and channeled his inner Seinfeld to air his grievances with the world.

Republican Senator Rand Paul (Kentucky) celebrates the fictional December 23 holiday of Festivus - immortalized by ‘Seinfeld’ in 1997 - with an annual “airing of grievances.” After releasing his annual ‘Festivus Report’ on government overspending last week, the deficit-hawk Senator took to Twitter on Monday to air some more personal grievances.

“I’ve got a lot of problems with you people,” he opened, quoting Seinfeld’s Frank Costanza.

On the ongoing impeachment efforts against President Donald Trump, Paul ridiculed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for stalling on sending impeachment articles to the Senate to start Trump’s trial.

“I don’t know if I can stop laughing long enough to air my grievances with Nancy,” he tweeted. “Her new plan is great - she is going to punish the president by NOT sending his impeachment to Senate?  Next, maybe she’ll threaten to NOT send us anymore legislation?”

After ribbing Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani for his past fondness for foreign intervention, Paul joked: “You do have to wonder how he was the best the President could think of for a lawyer - ‘hey, get me that guy who spills his guts on CNN and butt dials everyone in Washington. He can keep a secret!’”

Turning his attention to fired war-hawk National Security Advisor John Bolton, Paul compared him to “the other hawks the President hired, didn’t listen to, got mad at and fired. Neocon Apprentice really wasn’t very well thought out…” 

After praising Trump’s foreign policy instincts, Paul slammed the government for spending money abroad and called for an end to foreign aid.

“The fact is, everyone in Washington is just mad President Trump didn’t want to spend more of your money on foreign aid,” he wrote. “Fine me with me. I say cut it all off, for any reason. Corruption? Cut if off.  Starting wars? Cut it off. Stole our Netflix password? Cut it off!”

Paul’s rant continued by highlighting excerpts from his Festivus Report. Among the programs funded by the US government in 2019 were a $22 million initiative to bring Serbian cheese up to international standards, and a $466,000 program to study the mating calls of Panamanian frogs.

As the screed continued, commenters chimed in. Some cheered Paul on, while his opponents and anti-Trump #Resistance types rolled their eyes and insulted the Republican Senator.

Festivus was celebrated by more than just Paul. Across the internet, social media users aired their own festivus grievances, on everything from the personal to the political. President Trump, for one, aired his grievances via Twitter with Pelosi, the FBI, the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton. 

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