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25 Nov, 2019 19:37

‘He’s trained to attack’: Trump warns journalists to keep quiet during WH event with dog who helped kill al-Baghdadi

‘He’s trained to attack’: Trump warns journalists to keep quiet during WH event with dog who helped kill al-Baghdadi

During a ceremony to honor Conan — the dog who famously helped take down Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi — Donald Trump warned the press corps that the hero canine was “trained to attack if you open your mouth.”

The US president introduced Conan at the White House ceremony on Monday as “probably the world's most famous dog” before issuing the warning to reporters, who he said would “want to be very, very careful.”

He recalled the “flawless attack” on al-Baghdadi who was reportedly chased into a tunnel by Conan before blowing himself up in Syria last month. Trump told reporters that the four-legged terrorist catcher — who was injured during the attack — had been awarded with a medal and a plaque for his bravery. 

“I actually think Conan knew exactly what was going on,” Trump said before also touting Conan's other talents, calling him the “ultimate fighter” and drug sniffer and a “tough cookie” who no one would dare mess with.

Also on rt.com ‘Hard-hitting journalism’: Reporter FACT-CHECKS blatantly photoshopped image of ‘American hero dog’ being honored by Trump

A reporter was mocked last month after he decided to fact-check a clearly photo-shopped image of Trump awarding a medal to “Ameircan hero” Conan which had been posted by the president on Twitter.

Trump is still at war with what he calls the “fake news media,” including outlets like CNN and the New York Times, so it comes as no surprise that he might enjoy the thought of unleashing Conan on the press corps.

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