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30 Oct, 2019 12:28

‘Rupublicans’ should fight ‘infair’ impeachment: Trump tweet typos set Resistance tongues wagging again

‘Rupublicans’ should fight ‘infair’ impeachment: Trump tweet typos set Resistance tongues wagging again

US President Donald Trump has urged his party to push back on the “impeachment nonsense” – but his early morning typos are feeding the trolls and the online ‘Resistance,’ convinced that they will get him this time.

Tweeting on Wednesday morning, Trump repeated that the transcript of his July call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was “totally appropriate” and called the Democrat-led impeachment process “just a continuation of the Witch Hunt Hoax” – meaning the debunked Russian collusion conspiracy. 

He managed to misspell a few things, however.


In the sea of hostile responses every Trump tweet attracts were a few taking issue with calling the process “infair” and urging “Rupublicans” to oppose it. 

“So infair to Rupublicans!” said one response. “You know all the best words,” said another, quoting a well-known Trump phrase right back at him.

“What are Rupublicans” and “Your spelling is on fire!” also made the list.

Shockingly enough, no one has thought of interpreting “Rupublicans” as proof positive of Trump’s “Russian collusion” – yet, anyway. It’s still early, however, and time enough for the morning covfefe to kick in.

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