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16 Oct, 2019 23:26

WATCH highway patrol trooper pull unconscious man from car SECONDS before train crash in Utah

WATCH highway patrol trooper pull unconscious man from car SECONDS before train crash in Utah

A man who fell unconscious and got stuck on railway tracks walked away from a train crash unscathed, thanks to the quick thinking of a heroic Utah Highway Patrol trooper, who pulled him out with just seconds to spare.

The movie-like rescue by UHP Trooper Ruben Correa early on Wednesday was caught on the dashboard camera of his car, producing truly terrifying – yet awesome – material.

Footage from the scene shows Correa checking on a SUV that smashed through a barrier and got stuck on railway tracks. It took him some 30 seconds to get out of his cruiser, get to the car and pull its driver out – literally moments before it was struck by a train.

It turned out that the driver fell unconscious and got himself into such daring situation due to an unspecified “medical condition.”

Just as the trooper and the driver got away from the vehicle, a FrontRunner commuter train smashed into the car. The train driver had apparently seen the obstacle and sounded his horn, but it was too late to bring the double-decker train to a stop.

The stricken SUV was dragged for some 30 feet (10 meters), before it was pushed into a ditch, heavily damaged. If not for Correa, it is unlikely the driver would have walked unharmed – or alive – from such a crash. Neither the as-yet-unidentified driver nor the heroic trooper suffered any injuries during the incident.

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