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20 Sep, 2019 20:57

Storm US border, they can’t stop all of us! With all the news focused on Area 51, ACTUAL break-in just happened in Arizona (VIDEO)

Storm US border, they can’t stop all of us! With all the news focused on Area 51, ACTUAL break-in just happened in Arizona (VIDEO)

Scores of migrants were detained this week in Arizona as they poured over the Mexico-US border, according to US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP), which released footage of an 81-person caravan before it was stopped.

CBP Arizona posted the clip on Thursday, showing a crowd of migrants as they traverse the desert near the small hamlet of Sasabe.

“A group of 81 people illegally crossed the border near Sasabe,” the agency said in a tweet on its page, noting the incident had taken place earlier in the week. “It took 33 man-hours to transport and process the group, comprised of family units and unaccompanied minors, at a nearby forward operating base.”

It’s not clear which facility the people were brought to, but with a record inflow of undocumented migrants, detention centers near the border are running at full capacity, many with overcrowded and unsanitary conditions. In June, acting CBP Commissioner John Sanders called the situation a “full-blown emergency.”

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In May alone, nearly 133,000 people were apprehended near the border with Mexico attempting to enter the country illegally, according to the CBP, putting immense strain on holding centers. While the summer saw monthly tallies shrink, the total number of border apprehensions so far in 2019 sits at around 811,000, well above the sum of previous years.

With all eyes on Nevada for the infamous “Storm Area 51” event this week, where the first planned ‘raid’ on Friday morning resulted in something of a flop, it seems the American press may have overlooked quite a different ‘raid’ unfolding along the US’ southern border.

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