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20 Aug, 2019 17:09

Make love, not war? Department of PEACE plan unveiled by Marianne Williamson, and Twitter loves it

Make love, not war? Department of PEACE plan unveiled by Marianne Williamson, and Twitter loves it

Democratic presidential hopeful and spiritual guru Marianne Williamson has revealed a proposal for a new “Department of Peace,” a project devoted to “ending the scourge of violence” around the world. Twitter felt the good vibes.

The proposal was rolled out on Monday night in a post on Williamson’s website, calling for a new cabinet-level department. The plan lists a lofty series of goals, ranging from addressing “white supremacy” and domestic gun violence, to developing “restorative justice programs” and “new structures of nonviolent dispute resolution.”

The project will also establish a Peace Academy, which Williamson says will offer four years of training in “peace education,” while a Secretary of Peace will oversee the department and serve on the National Security Council.

Hardly out of the starting gate, citizens of Twitter were all over the proposal.

Conservative journalist Jack Posobiec quickly started making staffing decisions, suggesting Williamson to “Nominate @dennisrodman as Secretary.”

People from across the aisle also began reaching out, offering compromise with Williamson’s backers. A Peace Department in exchange for a Space Force?

“Ok time for compromise democrats,” another commenter said. “We let you have Marianne[‘s] department of peace but we get Trump’s space force in return. It’s a heck of an offer.”

Another commenter saw dollar signs in the new department, and a “full employment” program for international relations professors.

Others were less confident in Marianne or her dovish plan, predicting imminent invasion from… Canada?

“First day of the Marianne presidency: Canada invades, sets up Maple Syrup Exchange in Department of Peace building,” one user joked.

Unfortunately for Williamson’s plan, the new department might have some overlap with another diplomatic agency you may have heard about…

“Who’s gonna tell her about the State Department” mocked another person.

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