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US Customs and Border Protection systems down, airports affected nationwide

US Customs and Border Protection systems down, airports affected nationwide
Hundreds of passengers were stranded for hours at Los Angeles, New York and Washington international airports, as US Customs and Border Protection systems were plagued by 'technical ‘issues.’

Around two hours after the technical issues were first reported, the CBP said that the crippled systems were “coming back online.” The agency added that there was “no indication the disruption was malicious in nature at the time.”

The cause of the shutdown is yet unknown, with the agency saying they were working to identify the problem. Photos on social media showed huge lines of passengers at the airports waiting to be processed. John F. Kennedy Airport in New York said it was starting to use backup computer systems, adding that people were still being processed, “but slower.”

Passengers reported spending more than two hours standing in line at Washington Dulles International Airport.

The CBP has confirmed that its processing systems suffered a “temporary outage at various ports of entry,” and said that it had taken “immediate action” to deal with the glitch.

“CBP officers continue to process international travelers using alternative procedures until systems are back online,” the agency reported on Twitter.

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, which also experienced a failure of its processing systems, reported that the CBP hardware is back online.

“CBP systems are back online and the backlog of passengers are being processed,” the airport reported on Twitter.

Meanwhile, TMZ reported, citing a CBP source, that the agency has not detected any foul play.

"There is no indication of nefarious activity at this time," the source said.

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