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9 Aug, 2019 09:37

‘Poor kids just as smart as white kids’: Biden makes another high-profile patronizing gaffe

‘Poor kids just as smart as white kids’: Biden makes another high-profile patronizing gaffe

2020 Democratic Party frontrunner Joe Biden is reeling from yet another high-profile gaffe as he bids to take the White House, this time for declaring that “poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.”

The 76-year-old made the unfortunate choice of words while speaking at an Asian and Latino Coalition event in Des Moines, at the Iowa State Fair. It adds to a growing list of blunders on his campaign trail.  

Biden attempted a correction after a brief but uncomfortable and awkward silence by adding, “Wealthy kids, black kids, Asian kids... think how we think about it.”

As part of his platform, Biden has repeatedly accused President Donald Trump of “using the language of” white nationalists adding that Trump talks about Muslims and ethnic minorities in “almost subhuman terms.”

Now, however, he appears to have fallen on this particular sword, especially given his high-profile drubbing at the hands of Kamala Harris in the first democratic presidential debate, when Harris was heavily critical of Biden’s stance on the federal busing program, with veiled insinuations of tacit racism in his past as a legislator. 

The Trump Campaign and its supporters wasted no time in needling the pretender to the throne for his bungling effort at pandering to the minority crowd.

“Yikes...have fun mitigating that one,”tweeted Trump’s Rapid Response Director for his re-election campaign. 

The former vice president has been ridiculed for a series of high-profile clangers on the campaign trail. He has also been forced to defend what his opponents and others have deemed inappropriate touching, hugging and sniffing of women and children.

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He also joked about allegations of inappropriate behavior leveled against him during his first speech following several accusations. He later described a 10-year-old girl as “good-looking.” He also claimed he would cure cancer under his presidency if elected. 

Biden also recently misidentified the sites of mass shootings, expressing sympathy for “tragic events today in Houston and Michigan” in the wake of the El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio massacres.

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