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11 Jul, 2019 16:43

Wait, what? Miley Cyrus claims virginity is a ‘social construct’

Wait, what? Miley Cyrus claims virginity is a ‘social construct’

Former teen TV star turned shocking pop singer took a wrecking ball to Instagram in order to promote her newest single, and the ensuing debate about virginity and virtue was no party in the USA.

Cyrus posted a screen capture from her new single ‘She is coming’, with a caption that “virginity is a social construct.”

Though it garnered nearly a million “likes” in 48 hours, the post immediately set the commenters kicking and screaming, with some people arguing that the singer was “shaming” those who decided to abstain from sex, while others accused her of setting a bad example for the younger generation (yet again).

“There is nothing wrong with being a virgin. There is something very wrong with people who think being a virgin is a problem,” was one of almost 9,000 comments on the post.

Others branded the message “scary” and argued that it is likely to undo “the work of many parents within seconds,” perhaps not realizing that Cyrus had left her wholesome ‘Hannah Montana’ days behind a decade ago.

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Some rushed to Cyrus’s defense by arguing the singer really meant that virginity should be more of a personal choice, rather than a universally imposed social norm.

Then there were people who believed that Cyrus was “desperate for attention” and looking for ways to get back in the news. While it seemed that Cyrus had settled down in her wild ways after marrying actor Liam Hemsworth last December, it appears she just can’t stop, won’t stop courting controversy.

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