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9 Jun, 2019 03:39

Joe+Barack=BFFs: Biden recycles cutesy friendship bracelets photo

Joe+Barack=BFFs: Biden recycles cutesy friendship bracelets photo

Recovering from his about-face on the Hyde Amendment, Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden has fallen back on his most reliable asset – his friendship with Barack Obama – tweeting an old photo of their matching bracelets.

After a rough week of campaigning that started off being caught plagiarizing a 2020 climate plan and rescinding his decades-long support for the amendment banning federal funding for abortion, Biden has resorted to a tried and true means of boosting his profile – referencing former US President Barack Obama.

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“Happy Best Friends Day to my friend, Barack Obama,” Biden tweeted on Saturday, complete with a photo of a pair of friendship bracelets with the names ‘Joe’ and ‘Barack’.

They first surfaced at the height of the Biden-Obama ‘bromance’ in 2016, when then-President Obama posted a video of himself making one of them, and then-VP Biden tweeted a photo of the two to wish Obama a happy birthday. The photo was recycled on Saturday – possibly an attempt to make sure voters don’t forget why they like Biden so much.

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Although Biden leads the packed Democratic field by double-digits (31 percent, against Bernie Sanders in second place at 14 percent in the latest Ipsos poll), his ratings have been shaken by his flip-flop on the Hyde Amendment, made under pressure from fellow liberals and prompting even former Obama strategist David Axelrod to question Biden’s resolve. “So, that was a flip-flop-flip which is never a good thing in politics and it raises questions about his own performance and his own steadiness and his campaign’s performance,” he said.  

While some Biden and Obama supporters fawned over the cutesy display of friendship, others ridiculed 76-year-old Biden for using it as his main source of political capital.

“Dude is 70-whatever years old and his campaign pitch is mostly ‘I’m totally BFFs with that guy you like,’” one person wrote.

Others reminded Biden that his “best friend” Obama has yet to endorse him for president.

Biden himself has previously said that he specifically asked Obama not to endorse him. Obama has not addressed Biden’s decision to run, releasing a statement through his spokeswoman that he “has long said that selecting Joe Biden… was one of the best decisions he ever made.”

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