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2 Jun, 2019 13:58

‘Abuser of the US’: Tough-talking Trump slams Mexico over mistreating America ‘for decades’

‘Abuser of the US’: Tough-talking Trump slams Mexico over mistreating America ‘for decades’

US President Donald Trump did not mince his words when talking about Mexico, branding it nothing but an “abuser” that has been mistreating his country for decades by flooding the country with illegals, smugglers and drug cartels.

On Sunday, Trump issued a fresh portion of wisdom on Twitter when he vented his frustration over America’s neighbor south of the border. “The problem is that Mexico is an ‘abuser’ of the United States, taking but never giving. It has been this way for decades,” he wrote.

The president then demanded Mexico to stop the “invasion” of the US by illegal immigrants, drug cartels, smugglers and human traffickers. His rant came days after Washington slapped a five-percent tariff on all Mexican goods. The tariff is set to gradually grow to 25 percent by October and stay that way until the nation “substantially stops the illegal inflow of aliens” into the US. Mexican officials blasted the punitive tariff, vowing to find ways to retaliate.

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Curbing illegal immigration from the south had been one of the key issues of Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016. He famously blasted Mexico for “sending” immigrants across the border and promised to build a border wall that Mexico will “pay for.”

The US leader is no stranger to colorful language to describe conflicts over trade with various nations. He once said that China was “raping” the US with its economic policies. Trump took similar jabs at Brussels, claiming that “nobody treats us much worse than the European Union.”

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