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17 May, 2019 15:56

’Fraudulent’, ‘poorly sourced’ & ‘DANGEROUS’: Trump strikes out against ‘fake news’ on Iran

’Fraudulent’, ‘poorly sourced’ & ‘DANGEROUS’: Trump strikes out against ‘fake news’ on Iran

Amid rising tensions between the US and Iran, and rumors of war, President Donald Trump has blasted what he called ‘fake news media’ coverage of the issue, warning that it could be “dangerous” for the country.

Trump’s tweet condemned the media for their role in spreading fraudulent information about the recent crisis with Iran which kicked off after authorities noted “a number of troubling and escalatory indications and warnings” coming from the Iranian side.

In light of hawkish proposals by National Security Advisor John Bolton and dangerous maneuvers by the US military near the Iranian border, Trump’s level of involvement in the decision making process has been debated. Some feel the president is being “pushed” into a conflict not of his choosing. Others, however, feel Trump’s hard-line attitude including pulling out of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal make him equally complicit in the escalation.

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Despite Washington ramping up the pressure on Iran by issuing harsh new sanctions, Trump has repeatedly insisted that he isn’t looking for a war, and hopes to hold talks.

Media reactions have varied on the issue, often depending on political alignment or the country’s affiliation. Saudi Arab News has pushed for the US to pursue “surgical strikes” against the Kingdom’s enemy, while the Wall-Street Journal has claimed that intelligence relating to the attack was just a misunderstanding.

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Iranian and US warships are currently deployed within striking range of one another in the Persian Gulf, Iran answering Washington’s “warnings” by taking defensive measures.

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