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14 May, 2019 18:32

Buzzfeed & the outrage mob hound foul-mouthed 14yo off YouTube

Buzzfeed & the outrage mob hound foul-mouthed 14yo off YouTube

Buzzfeed’s Joseph Bernstein and a horde of Twitter liberals have launched a crusade against a politically incorrect 14-year-old YouTuber, resulting in a block from the platform.

The high school freshman, who goes by the name of ‘Soph,’ was described by Bernstein as “YouTube’s newest far-right, foul-mouthed, red-pilling star.” In her videos, Soph blends pop-psychology, 4chan filth, and every form of “-ist” speech known to man to savage the social justice movement, Islam, ‘men’s rights activists,’ and of course, feminism.

“The site’s executives have only themselves to blame,” tutted Bernstein, before castigating the platform for deliberately ignoring “toxic content” as a growth strategy.

Ironically, the video highlighted by Bernstein is a polemic against the internet outrage mob, entitled ‘Be Not Afraid.’ Appearing on screen cloaked in an Islamic chador, Soph embarks on a 20-minute polemic against the kind of moralist crusades that saw InfoWars’ Alex Jones essentially banned from the internet last year, a ban cheered by Buzzfeed.

“These people are vampires of fear and hysteria. So if you maintain your position and refuse to comply with their demands they’ll become increasingly upset as time goes on,” Soph preaches to her fellow provocateurs and internet wrongthinkers. “Don’t ever allow yourself to be silenced.”

Soph slams the “sociopathic 30-somethings” at the helm of the Silicon Valley tech giants, and journalists of Bernstein’s ilk, who she says live inside “f**gotty microcosms” and are “physical and mental weaklings.”

Bernstein’s article did not outright demand YouTube ban the teenage blasphemer, but after proclaiming a “moral crisis at YouTube,” the social justice brigade took up the charge.

Former New Yorker writer Talia Lavin – who resigned last year after mistakenly outing a wounded marine as a ‘Nazi’ – tried to get in touch with Soph’s father, and according to the teenager at least, proceeded to call him a “white supremacist.”

With peak outrage achieved, YouTube clamped down on Soph’s account, banning her from uploading new videos. The video singled out by Bernstein was later pulled from YouTube for allegedly violating the platform's hate speech policies.

An equal and opposite wave of outrage soon came from the right. “There are adult 'journalists' who hunt down kids on YouTube to report for wrong thing [sic],” wrote commentator Dave Rubin. “Fine work, BuzzFeed.”

Another day, another battle in the great culture war. The soft-spoken teenage Alex Jones Junior is seemingly unconcerned though.

“You could beg me kicking and screaming to stop disseminating the ideas I believe in, and it wouldn’t make a f**king difference,” Soph said at the end of ‘Be Not Afraid.’

“If you’re still pretending to be mad at me...suck a fat c**k in hell. If you’re a Gen-Z-er, never censor yourself and speak freely until the day you die.”

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