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8 May, 2019 22:47

President’s favorite Twitter meme-lord suspended over video of Trump SHOOTING CNN’s Jim Acosta

President’s favorite Twitter meme-lord suspended over video of Trump SHOOTING CNN’s Jim Acosta

Internet provocateur and court memesmith of the Trump Kingdom ‘Carpe Donktum’ has been suspended from Twitter for posting a video depicting the president shooting CNN’s Jim Acosta, following a pressure campaign from the left.

Carpe posted the video, since scrubbed from Twitter, as a reply to one of President Trump’s tweets on Wednesday morning, accompanied with the text “BUILD THE WALL.”

In the video, a gunslinging Trump slaps Acosta around inside a wild west saloon, before shooting a revolver out of the CNN reporter’s hand, Clint Eastwood-style.

Predictably, the video angered the anti-Trump brigade, including the Krassenstein brothers, a controversial duo who pose as the leading lights in the anti-Trump Twitter #Resistance. In real life, this translates into obsessively commenting on every single one of Trump’s tweets, day in, day out.

The brothers rallied their troops and a host of angry leftists reported the offending tweet to Twitter, which handed Carpe Donktum a 12-hour ban. His Twitter feed is still visible, but Carpe was blocked from posting or commenting.

Twitter declared that the video constituted “targeted harassment” – presumably of Acosta and CNN.

The ban comes after a widespread social media excommunication of conservatives. A handful of right-wing accounts were wiped from Facebook last week for “extremist” wrongthink, while Twitter purged an account parodying socialist Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York) on Tuesday. The platform also booted conservative Jewish pundit David Horowitz, but later reversed the ban.

While fitting the trend, the banning of one spicy meme-maker from Twitter would hardly be news, save for the fact that Carpe Donktum’s memes are a favorite delicacy of Trump himself. Trump retweeted a Carpe video featuring handsy Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden groping himself last month, and a video of Democrats reacting to his State of the Union address accompanied by the maudlin sounds of REM’s ‘Everybody Hurts’ in February.

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The president has also been vocal in his opposition to Facebook’s recent conservative crackdown, retweeting a stream of posts from the banned “extremists,” to howls of disbelief from the #resistance.

The right was incredulous. “Now @CarpeDonktum has been suspended,” one commenter wrote. “For what? Funny memes? This is insane.”

While this particular skirmish seems to have gone to the Krassenstein brigade, the Great Meme War appears to be far from over.

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