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4 May, 2019 16:24

Washington Post mocked for embarking on Bernie Sanders Soviet Union 'honeymoon' smear… again

Washington Post mocked for embarking on Bernie Sanders Soviet Union 'honeymoon' smear… again

The Washington Post’s lengthy “examination” of Bernie Sanders’ much reported-on trip to the Soviet Union 31 years ago is being mocked online for repeating old news and attempting a new Red Scare.

The WaPo details a trip Sanders took to the then-Soviet Union in 1988, and starts describing the then-mayor being “bare-chested, towel-draped, sitting at a table lined with vodka bottles, as he sang ‘This Land Is Your Land.’”

The trip was made to establish Yaroslavl as a ‘sister city’ for his hometown of Burlington soon after Sanders’ wedding and he joked it was a “very strange honeymoon.”

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Sanders apparently “stood on Soviet soil” and criticized the cost of healthcare and housing in the US, then ‘stunned’ someone at a banquet by criticizing US foreign intervention. “I got really upset and walked out,” the delicately dispositioned David F. Kelley recalled. He admits later in the article that Sanders was right.

Sanders told a press conference upon his return to the US that he thought his criticism of the US made the Russians “more appreciative of our criticisms we made of their own society.”

Social media users were quick to mock the Post for its article, with many claiming it was a sign that the socialist smears against Sanders were being employed once again.

Sanders’ trip to the Soviet Union is old news, and was trotted out during the 2016 primaries to cast an ominous communist shadow on the Vermont senator, with many mediaoutlets, including the Post, reporting on it. Sanders was smeared as a dangerous socialist by a number of Democratic operatives.

He was questioned by CNN’s Anderson Cooper about his ‘honeymoon in Russia’, and Lindsey Graham mentioned it in the Republican debates.

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