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1 May, 2019 02:03

‘You’re from Florida, not Caracas’: Marco Rubio’s Twitter fest supporting Guaido gets a bashing

‘You’re from Florida, not Caracas’: Marco Rubio’s Twitter fest supporting Guaido gets a bashing

US Senator Marco Rubio has emerged as a primary backer of the ongoing attempted coup in Venezuela, as he rushed to Twitter to show his support for Washington protégé Juan Guaido – and faced much criticism from the Twitteratti.

The Florida Republican spared no effort in promoting the coup attempt, which was staged by Guaido earlier on Tuesday, as he (Rubio) wrote dozens of tweets calling on almost literally every single person in Venezuela (except probably for President Nicolas Maduro himself) to support what he called an “effort to restore democracy.”

He also tirelessly reminded people on social media that it is Guaido who is suddenly the “legitimate” leader of Venezuela – just because he was recognized as such by the US and its allies. The senator also didn’t just stop at bashing the Venezuelan government but also assaulted CNN in some of his tweets.

The American broadcaster drew the ire of the Republican by simply calling a coup a coup – an action that Rubio immediately condemned as “the most shameful reporting.”

Apparently dissatisfied with the quality of US media reports, Rubio also turned his Twitter page into a self-styled one-man news outlet as he relentlessly posted what he considered to be the news from Venezuela. Some of his “reports” were quickly debunked as false by other people on Twitter, though.

Rubio’s Twitter spree apparently did not strike a chord with people on social media, who were mostly skeptical about his passionate speeches.

Chris Rossini, co-host of the Ron Paul Liberty Report, slammed the Senator, saying US officials should not be telling other nations what they should or should not do. After all, Rubio was indeed a Senator from Florida and not Caracas, as Rossini put it.

Daniel McAdams, Executive Director of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, also mocked Rubio’s overzealousness in his drive to rally support for the coup staged by the US protégé.

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