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15 Mar, 2019 23:39

Disney rehires James Gunn after 'pedo' tweet scandal; Twitter grapples with morals

Disney rehires James Gunn after 'pedo' tweet scandal; Twitter grapples with morals

Disney has embraced disgraced director James Gunn back into its bosom, reinstating him as writer and director for Guardians of the Galaxy 3 after less than a year in Hollywood time-out over a history of seedy tweets.

Citing Gunn's public apology and the enthusiastic support of actors who'd worked with him on the franchise, Walt Disney Studios chair Allan Horn welcomed the Marvel director back into the fold on Friday, confirming the script he'd written before being booted off the project in July would be used for part three of the $1.6 billion franchise.

Gunn was kicked off the Marvel franchise after numerous tweets featuring comments on pedophilia, rape, masturbation, and other sexual taboos were brought to the attention of Disney executives. Gunn had characterized the tweets as "shocking jokes" but they suggested, if nothing else, an unhealthy fascination with sexual acts involving children.

Gunn was "tremendously grateful" to be given a second chance, tweeting a message that was mixed parts groveling and gratitude in his first on-Twitter act since last year’s un-personing. While in exile from Disney, he'd signed on to write and direct Suicide Squad 2, another big-budget comic book installment, for arch-rivals DC and Warner Bros., but even that act of unfaithfulness didn't ruffle the Disney crew, who'd reportedly been pleading for his return ever since he left. 

Many on Twitter erupted in joy, embracing the prodigal son with references to his movies. Fans had actually crowdfunded a billboard for the director during his exile.

While others waved his 10-year-old tweets around in vain, claiming such comments were still beyond the pale

Mike Cernovich, the conservative blogger who took credit for Gunn's unpersoning back in July, hid his emotions under a declaration of indifference and dozens of passive-aggressive tweets

Though numerous users pointed out a double standard in rehiring Gunn while Roseanne, whose deplatforming Gunn supported, still languished in limbo.

Then again, the deplatformed tended to have a few things in common.

Even the president's son weighed in.

Blame was duly assigned,

and a few people might have learned something.

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