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8 Mar, 2019 16:26

Russiagate won’t die: Moscow will ‘shank’ Paul Manafort in prison, MSNBC analyst predicts

Russiagate won’t die: Moscow will ‘shank’ Paul Manafort in prison, MSNBC analyst predicts

Paul Manafort’s 4-year prison sentence will allow Moscow to more easily murder him, MSNBC’s favorite Russia expert has declared – never mind that the presiding judge said the case had nothing to do with “Russian collusion.”

The former Trump campaign manager received 47 months in prison for tax and bank fraud – a punishment far less severe than the 24 years recommended by prosecutors. During sentencing, US District Judge T.S. Ellis said that locking Manafort up for two decades would be “excessive,” noting that “he is not before the court for anything having to do with colluding with the Russian government.”

This can only mean one thing, according to MSNBC’s Malcolm Nance, a former Navy cryptologist who served in the Middle East but then transitioned to styling himself as a knowledgeable Russia expert: “Manafort may be headed to white collar jail but that just means Russia can more easily get a shank in him,” Nance tweeted, using highly sophisticated cryptologist lingo for ‘assassination’.

Clarifying his hot take for those who can’t keep up, Nance said Manafort won’t be poisoned by the FSB, but instead will likely meet his end at the hands of “subcontractors” working for the Russian mafia or “anbillionaire (sic) he owes money to.”

Manafort is aware of the jagged Russian daggers awaiting him, which is why he won’t confess to Mueller of his supposed Russian links, according to Nance.

Still, Nance’s expertise failed to convince the naïve doubters that Moscow would want to murder someone who was sent to prison for crimes unrelated to Russia

As Glenn Greenwald inconveniently pointed out, Manafort’s sentencing is in keeping with the growing list of Trump associates charged with unrelated crimes but presented as Russian collusion co-conspirators by the media.

Malcolm Nance isn’t the only blue-checkmarked wise man to suggest that Moscow wants Manafort dead – though some believe he better stay behind bars and weather the shankings as opposed to getting ‘Novichoked’.

Ranking among the most celebrated Russiagate disciples, Nance counts meme-filled Russian “cruise missiles” as one of the many anti-American tactics he has uncovered.

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