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16 Feb, 2019 03:55

‘Only emergency is that he is an idiot:’ Coulter spews vitriol at Trump after he disowns her

‘Only emergency is that he is an idiot:’ Coulter spews vitriol at Trump after he disowns her

Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter has put a final nail into the coffin of her long-since-cooled political romance with Donald Trump, calling him an “idiot” and an “emergency” after he said that he “hardly” knows her.

Coulter, an early and once-fervent supporter of Donald Trump’s presidency, has ramped up her criticism of the commander-in-chief in the weeks following the shutdown as it became clear that Trump would be unable to negotiate a border wall deal with House Democrats.

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Coulter, along with another conservative host, Rush Limbaugh, was blamed by some in the liberal media for goading Trump into the shutdown in the first place. She has accused Trump of chickening out of the fight for his key campaign promise by agreeing to sign a spending bill that provided only $1.3 billion for a barrier along the US-Mexico border instead of the requested $5.7 billion, calling it a “Yellow New Deal.”

Asked to what extent outside conservative voices influence his decisions, Trump praised talk show hosts Sean Hannity and Limbaugh, before saying that while media “likes to bring up” Coulter’s name, he doesn’t speak to her and hardly knows her at all.

“Ann Coulter, I don’t know her. I hardly know her. I haven’t spoken to her in way over a year,” Trump said, adding that he 'just doesn’t have time' to do so.

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Trump said that there was “one reason” why he liked Coulter, which is that she predicted his victory in the election early on when nobody considered it to be a real possibility. However, things have gone sour between the two since then, with Trump saying on Friday that “she’s off the reservation.”

“Anybody that knows her understands that. But I haven’t spoken to her. I don’t follow her. I don’t talk to her.”

Coulter promptly returned the jibe on Twitter, stressing that she had rallied behind Trump’s promises and had not pledged loyalty to him personally. “He seems to think ‘the reservation’ is HIM, not his campaign promises,” she tweeted.

In another tweet, Coulter thanked Trump for relieving her of any responsibility for his “total capitulation on campaign promises.”

Speaking to KABC-TV, Coulter, the author of ’In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome!’ doubled down, saying that by disowning her completely, Trump “did the biggest favor anyone could do for me today.” Declaring that the “country’s over,” Coulter had one more go at Trump, saying “the only national emergency is that our president is an idiot.”

She also announced that she would be changing the title of her book to the past tense, so it would read ‘In Trump We Trusted.’

While Coulter seems to be burning bridges between herself and Trump now, their relations have been deteriorating since December, when he unfollowed her on Twitter after she slammed his presidency as a joke and a scam.

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