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24 Jan, 2019 15:34

Baaad taste: Mark Zuckerberg once killed a goat and served it cold to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

Baaad taste: Mark Zuckerberg once killed a goat and served it cold to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

The Silicon Valley elite live different lives to ordinary people. For instance, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg once slaughtered a goat with a “laser gun” and served it cold to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

Zuckerberg’s personal quirks have led observers to wonder whether the 34-year-old Facebook chief really is human at all. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey added another tick to the ‘totally an android’ column on Wednesday, telling Rolling Stone magazine that Zuckerberg once served him a plate of cold, dead goat that he personally killed with a “laser gun.”

Dorsey was asked by Rolling Stone about his most memorable encounter with his fellow tech titan.

“Well, there was a year when he was only eating what he was killing,” Dorsey replied. “He made goat for me for dinner. He killed the goat.”

Zuckerberg had killed and prepared the goat before Dorsey arrived for dinner, the Twitter CEO explained.

“He kills it with a laser gun and then the knife,” he continued. “Then they send it to the butcher.”

Dorsey wasn’t sure exactly what kind of gun Zuckerberg used on the beast. However, the “laser gun” in question was most likely some kind of electric or captive bolt stun gun, used in industrial slaughterhouses to numb an animal before death.

“They stun it, and then he knifed it,” Dorsey said.

Arriving at Zuckerberg’s house for dinner, Dorsey asked his host if “we’re eating the goat you killed?”

“Yeah,” Zuckerberg answered. “I love it.”

Zuckerberg told Dorsey that the goat was in the oven as they spoke, but when it was served, it was cold.

“That was memorable,” he said. “I don’t know if it went back in the oven. I just ate my salad.”

Zuckerberg’s fascination with killing his own meat was a bloodthirsty New Year’s resolution for the CEO, who told Fortune that he “learned a lot about sustainable farming and raising of animals” in the process. During that year, Zuckerberg raised a herd of goats, got a hunting license to shoot a bison, and killed and cooked chickens, pigs, and lobster.

Rather than turning him off an animal-based diet, the whole process seems to have ignited a love for brisket, ribs, and all meats smoked and otherwise in Zuckerberg. In a video posted to Facebook last summer, Zuck talked viewers through his favorite smoked meats, while relaxing in his backyard in his trademark totally human and completely non-robotic style.

Zuckerberg’s foray into goat-based gastronomy left more than a few Twitter observers speechless.

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