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4 Jan, 2019 01:36

'Leaked' college clip of dancing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez backfires (VIDEO)

'Leaked' college clip of dancing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez backfires (VIDEO)

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York) has been ensnared in her first congressional scandal: a clip of her and friends performing silly dance moves in college has been leaked and gone viral!

A conservative "QAnon" Twitter account posted a video of Ocasio-Cortez and her friends reenacting a dance routine from The Breakfast Club. Complete with the LiveLeak tag in the corner, it had all the trappings of a scandal, but was strangely… non-scandalous. Wholesome, even.

The clip - now deleted - was cut from this eight-year-old video and given a new soundtrack.

Unmoved by the group's youthful exuberance, the anonymous poster, who has since deleted their entire account, disparages the Democratic Socialist congresswoman as a “clueless nitwit.” Most of Twitter, however, was charmed by “Sandy,” and even pro-Trump voices thought the attacks were counterproductive.

Others pointed out that constantly ripping on Ocasio-Cortez over inconsequential matters was only helping her…

…and might help her all the way to the White House.

In general, the hit job backfired completely.

…assuming it was meant as an attack at all.

The video was recorded in 2010 at Boston University, while Ocasio-Cortez was a student there. She graduated with a degree in economics the following year.