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1 Jan, 2019 22:20

US Marine shot dead inside barracks in Washington, DC

US Marine shot dead inside barracks in Washington, DC

A US Marine was shot while on duty inside a barracks in Washington, DC, and later succumbed to his wound in the hospital. The Marine Corps said the injury was not self-inflicted, as police are looking into the incident.

Few details are known about the shooting incident that took place within the grounds of the historic Washington, DC Marine Barracks, located a short walk from Capitol Hill. In a statement on Tuesday, the Marine Corps command said that a Marine had died from a gunshot wound while on duty at about 5:00am.

Police were called to the scene and have launched an investigation. The area was cordoned off.

Neither the name of the victim, nor the identity or identities of the potential perpetrators have been released.

The Marine Corps said that the incident never posed any threat to civilians as it was confined to the barracks.

The type of weapon used in the shooting has not been identified either.

Marine Gunnery Sgt. John Jackson said, as cited by CNN, that the Marine had not taken his own life, as the lethal injury was not self-inflicted.

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Fox News reported that the serviceman did not die on the spot and was taken to hospital, but later succumbed to his wound.

No arrests have been made so far.

The post where the fallen Marine was stationed is the oldest active in the Corps.

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