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19 Dec, 2018 09:48

Editor-in-chief of major US magazine Mother Jones caught skewing data to trash Bernie

Editor-in-chief of major US magazine Mother Jones caught skewing data to trash Bernie

Bernie Sanders is unfit to be president because black women don’t care for him, the editor-in-chief of a prominent American magazine has argued citing a poll that… doesn't really support her claim.

Clara Jeffery, editor-in-chief of Mother Jones, revealed to the internet on Tuesday that black women do not think that Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders would be an appetizing presidential candidate in 2020, preferring instead Democratic heartthrobs such as Senator Kamala Harris and former Vice President Joe Biden.

“Survey asked black women to say who's among their top three candidates: Harris: 71.1% Beto: 38.3% Biden: 25% Booker: 24.2% Warren: 22.3% Abrams: 15.2% Bernie: 12.1% Bernie's never going to be the nominee unless he turns these numbers around,” Jeffery tweeted, along with a link to her source.

Unfortunately, the survey Jeffrey cited was actually a “national straw poll of 264 women of color leaders, campaign workers and managers, political strategists, organizers and activists,” and less than 50 percent of the respondents identified as African American.

The grateful citizens of Twitter did not hesitate to express their thanks for Jeffrey’s cutting-edge reporting.

“Creating false narratives smacks of desperation, sets up yet another loss for Democrats,” one Twitter user responded.

When confronted with the fact that she had misled her 107,000 Twitter followers, Jeffery issued a thought-provoking counter-argument, exemplifying her magazine’s commitment to “smart, fearless journalism.”

“I mean, as with any group, those who are the most engaged tend to be not only the reliable voters personally but super influential among their peers, so,” Jeffery fearlessly tweeted.

For whatever reason, her impregnable argument for fudging the facts was not received well – even though she added a frivolous and very compelling “so” at the end of her tweet.

“You’re not fit to edit the back of a cereal box,” one unimpressed netizen shot back.

“This is disingenuous and harmful. You should be ashamed,” another wrote.

Some even suggested it may be time for MoJo to look for a new editor.

The Democrats and the media were left in shock after polls and statistical analyses predicted – incorrectly – that Hillary Clinton was all but certain to win the 2016 presidential election. Taking the latest example, the major hurdle to truthfully assessing the 2020 race may be America’s trailblazing Twitter pundits.

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