‘Trump controls the media’ – Larry King talks midterms with RT (VIDEO)

‘Trump controls the media’ – Larry King talks midterms with RT (VIDEO)
Legendary news anchor Larry King gave his take on the midterm election results to RT America. King talked of an election, and a president, like no other.

“This was an election for or against Trump,” King said, adding “there’s never been anything like this in history.”

Speaking to RT earlier, King said that the media’s non-stop focus on Trump has fueled the current climate of division in America.

“CNN stopped doing news a long time ago, they do Trump," King said. "Fox is Trump TV, and MSNBC is anti-Trump all the time.”

While the election delivered mixed results for the president, King isn’t too worried about how Trump is personally taking the loss of the House of Representatives.

“Donald Trump does not have a bruised ego,” King said. “His ego remains constant. If he’d have lost the Senate he would have blamed the world.”

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