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Handcuffed woman steals police car right in front of officers (BODY CAM VIDEO)

Handcuffed woman steals police car right in front of officers (BODY CAM VIDEO)
Police in Oklahoma have released a shocking video of a woman who evaded arrest for stealing a car... by stealing the cop car she was put in by the very officers who pulled her over.

Angie Frost was arrested by officers of the Tulsa Police Department on suspicion of stealing a car in March. After being cuffed and placed in an officer’s car, she managed to maneuver her hands out from behind her back as officers searched the stolen car. She then slid over to the driver’s seat, before turning on the engine as officers watched in shock.

"She's trying to steal your car," an officer says. The flummoxed cops attempt to unlock the doors of their own vehicle as Frost simply drives away.

However, the 36-year-old soon abandoned the cop car and attempted to flee on foot. Police caught her and led her to another patrol car. She can be heard crying, “I told you guys I didn’t steal that car.”

“You just stole a police car in front of three officers,” one of the arresting cops responds.

Frost was charged with larceny of an automobile, possession of a stolen vehicle, escape from arrest, resisting arrest, and driving with a suspended driver’s license. She pled guilty to four counts in May and was sentenced to three years in prison.

Police bodycam footage taken from before Frost is placed in the patrol car shows her insisting that she didn’t know the car she was driving was stolen, adding she thought it belonged to a friend. She also offered to help officers with information about drugs and other criminal activity, and claimed she was already working with detectives to share information with them.  

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